Hg Consult, Inc. was formed in 2010 as a consulting engineering and planning firm based and incorporated in Kansas City, Missouri. Hg Consult has three offices in Missouri (Kansas City, St. Louis and St. Joseph), as well as offices in Kansas City, Kansas; Denver, Colorado; Austin, Texas; and Waterloo, Iowa.

Hg Consult is a full-service engineering and planning firm. Hg Consult can provide full cradle-to-grave capabilities from initial planning to final construction engineering and inspection. More specifically, Hg Consult’s expertise includes:
• Streambank Stabilization Design
• Levee Inspection
• Hydraulic and Hydrologic (H&H) Modeling
• Stormwater Design
• Utility Design
• Site Assessments
• Habitat Restoration
• NEPA Compliance
• Environmental Investigations
• Roadway design and geometrics
• Bridge and culvert design
• Construction engineering & inspection services
• Public information and outreach

As an employer, we have taken a fresh approach to our staff and how we operate. Our staff are well known and highly respected in the engineering
and planning community - most of our senior professionals have previously worked at some of the largest fi rms in the country. We have complete workplace flexibility and all our staff are encouraged to office remotely. We are completely cloud-based in our operations. The trust and flexibility placed with our employees pays dividends to Hg Consult in efficiencies and to our clients in the quality of our product.

Trusted leadership, quality work, practical approach, and open communication. We are fully committed to providing professional consulting services that are of high quality, delivered on-time, and on or under-budget. You can trust our leadership to bring innovation and quality deliverables, all with an approach that is based on practical solutions and open communication.

Dave Kocour

Dave Kocour, CEP, ENV SP


Federal Codes & Numbers

NAICS Codes:
541330 Engineering Services
541620 Environmental Consulting Services
Cage Code: 62H82
Duns #: 961719262
Federal ID: 27-1675196

Socioeconomic Status

Minority Business Enterprise
Small Business Certified (SBA)
8(a) Business

State Licenses


Active Federal Contracts

• USACE Civil Works Planning & Design Services – Kansas City District (KCD) W912DQ-19R-1004 (Water Resources Solutions, LLC – Small Business) and (Stantec – Full and Open)
• USDOT FHWA Central Federal Lands Highway Division On-Call Design Services 6982AF19D000007 (Atkins North America, Inc.)

Federal Project Experience - Hg Staff

• Downtown Federal Building Environmental Assessment (EA) – GSA (Kansas City, MO)
• Wind Turbine Installation EA – DOE (Kansas City, MO)
• Worthwine Island Missouri River Mitigation Project – USACE KCD (Andrew County, MO)
• Missouri River Valley Power Plant Expansion EA – USACE KCD (Platte County, MO)
• Hurricane Katrina/Rita Disaster Relief Assistance – DHS FEMA (Lake Charles, LA)
• New U.S. Courthouse EA – GSA (Jeff erson City, MO)
• Wichita River Chloride Control Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) – USACE Tulsa District(Wichita Falls, TX)
• Tinker Air Force Base (AFB) External Stores Jettison Site EA/ Siting Study – USAF (Oklahoma City, OK)
• Big Eddy Phase III Archaeological Investigation – USACE KCD (Stockton Lake, MO)
• Former Naval Ammunition Depot Environmental Investigations – USACE KCD (Hastings, NE)
• Former Naval Ammunition Depot Environmental Baseline Survey – USACE KCD (Hastings, NE)
• 88th USARC Stormwater Designs – USACE KCD (Odgen, UT; Parsons, KS; Eugene, OR; Saginaw, MI; & South Bend, IN)
• Benedictine Bottoms Missouri River Mitigation Project Design – USACE KCD (Atchison, KS)
• Periodic Levee Inspections – USACE KCD (Missouri River 400 Series Levees MO & KS; Abilene, KS; Clyde, KS; Salina, KS; Rulo, NE)
• Golden Eagle Section 14 Project – USACE KCD (Kickapoo Indian Reservation, KS)
• Columbia Water Line Section 14 Project – USACE KCD (Boone County, MO)
• Route EE Section 14 Project – USACE KCD (Sullivan County, MO)
• Custer Hill Stormwater Detention Study – USACE KCD (Fort Riley, KS)
• Conception Junction Section 14 Project – USACE KCD (Nodaway County, MO)
• Lukeville Border Fence – DHS (Lukeville, AZ)
• Naco Border Fence – DHS (Naco, AZ)
• Smugglers Gulch Border Fence – DHS (Near San Diego, CA)
• SBInet Tower Site Assessments – DHS (Tuscon, AZ)
• Fort Carson Flight Simulator Building Utility Design – USACE Omaha District (Colorado Springs, CO)
• Highway C Section 14 Project – USACE KCD (Grundy County, MO)
• Deep Creek Section 14 Project – USACE KCD (Pottawatomie County, KS)
• Blue River Road Sect`ion 14 Project – USACE KCD (Kansas City, MO)
• Route A Nodaway River Section 14 Project – USACE KCD (Holt/Nodaway Counties, MO)
• Dam Modeling and Mapping Consequences Assessment Report – USACE KCD (Nationwide)
• Technical Writing for Dam Mapping, Modeling, Consequences (MMC) – USACE Multiple Districts (Nationwide)
• Periodic Dam Inspection Pomme De Terre Dam – USACE KCD (Pomme De Terre, MO)
• Periodic Dam Inspection Rathbun Dam – USACE KCD (Rathbun, IA)
• Kansas River Sediment Budget Modeling – USACE KCD (Junction City to Kansas City, KS)
• Kansas Highway 20 Section 14 Project – USACE KCD (Horton, KS)
• South Platte River Corps Water Management System (CWMS) Project – USACE Multiple Districts (Denver, CO)
• Colorado River Corps Water Management System Project – USACE Multiple Districts (San Angelo, TX to Gulf of Mexico)
• Little Platte River CWMS Project – USACE KCD (Smithville, MO)
• Chariton River CWMS Project – USACE KCD (Rathbun, IA)
• Rough River Dambreak MMC Project – USACE Multiple Districts (Rough River

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