Full-Service Engineering and Planning Firm

Hg Consult is a full-service engineering and planning firm. Hg Consult has several areas of competency and we continue to grow our professional offerings as our firm grows. Our projects range from small municipal and private development projects to large scale DOT interchange projects. More specifically, Hg Consult’s expertise includes:

• Roadway design and geometrics
• Bridge and culvert design
• Transportation planning
• Aviation planning, design and construction services
• Environmental planning, permitting & NEPA documentation
• Urban and community planning 
• Traffic operations, traffic micro-simulation, and traffic control
• Drainage, storm water, and water line design
• Trail planning and design
• Transit planning and design
• Program management services
• Construction engineering & inspection services
• Residential, commercial, industrial and institutional site development
• Public information and outreach

Cloud Based Operations

As an employer, we have taken a fresh approach to our staff and how we operate. Our staff is well known and highly respected in the engineering and planning community - most of our senior professionals have previously worked at some of the largest firms in the country. We have complete workplace flexibility and all our staff are encouraged to office remotely. We are completely cloud-based in our operations. The trust and flexibility placed with our employees pays dividends to Hg Consult in efficiencies and to our clients in the quality of our product. 

Trusted Leadership

Quality Work + Practical Approach + Open Communication

Hg Consult is fully committed to providing professional consulting services that are of high quality, delivered on-time, and on or under-budget.  You can trust our leadership to bring innovation, and quality deliverables, all with an approach that is based on practical solutions and open communication.

DBE/MBE/SBE Certified

As a transportation consultant facing client Affirmative Action requirements, it is often a struggle to find assignments that are easy to breakout of the project scope to be assigned to the DBE/MBE sub consultant. We know this from our own experiences as a prime on past projects. Ideally, the tasks need to be independent enough to be performed by an outsider and be substantive enough to fulfill the percentage goals. The assignments also must be easily verifiable for content, quality, and timeliness. And above all, the work must be transparent from your own staff.

As a certified DBE, MBE, and SBE we understand that it is not a requirement on all projects but, when required we help our clients meet their diversity goals while providing value through our service. Whatever our assigned tasks, we promise to complete them on-time, on-budget, and with reliable quality that you can count on.

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