Transportation Planning

Transportation Planning

The seasoned planning staff at Hg Consult can bring a full range of planning capabilities. That experience gives the firm a unique understanding of how to develop realistic, implementable plans for a wide range of infrastructure projects. That experience includes:

Transportation Planning
Corridor Studies
Planning & Environmental Linkages (PEL) Studies
Thoroughfare Master Plans
Long Range Transportation Plans
Freight Plans
ITS Architecture
Multi-modal Studies

Environmental Planning/Services
Environmental Impact Statements (EIS)
Environmental Assessments (EA)
Categorical Exclusions (CE)
Phase I/II Environmental Site Assessments
Technical Studies

Transit Planning
Alternatives Analysis/Environmental Impact Statements
Advanced Conceptual Engineering (ACE) Studies
Fixed Rail (Streetcar) Feasibility Studies
Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Corridor Studies

Urban/Land Use Planning
Regional Comprehensive Plans
Neighborhood/Area Plans


I-70 Tiered EIS

I-70 Tiered EIS
Kansas City, MO

Hg was part of a multi-disciplined design team charged with the task of preparing a first and second tier environmental impact statement (EIS) of existing Interstate 70 from the downtown Kansas City loop to the Blue Ridge cutoff interchange.  Hg worked closely with other team members to develop multiple corridor improvement options.  Within these corridors, Hg created numerous conceptual interchange alternatives to be used in a comparison study to determine a preferred corridor improvement alternative for Interstate 70.  Hg staff was integral in the development of unit costs and quantities to support the overall costs used in the alternative comparison study.  Along with the previously mentioned tasks, Hg was charged with performing intersection turning counts for other various interchanges within and along the corridor as well as assisting in public outreach.

Missouri Statewide Freight Study

Missouri Statewide Freight Study

MoDOT developed the State Freight Plan through a collaborative process to assess Missouri's existing freight system, establish goals and strategies for updating the system over the 10+ years, develop guidance for future investments in transportation, and prioritize freight projects that will provide the most economic benefit to the State. Hg Consult assisted with business forums, stakeholder involvement, roundtable discussions, evaluation of existing data/plans, inventory of trends and authorship of various technical memorandum and parts of the final report.

US 400 Advanced Preliminary Engineering Study

US 400 Advanced Preliminary Engineering Study
Cherokee County, KS

Hg is providing environmental documentation and public outreach for this study to determine an alignment that expands US 400 in Cherokee County, Kansas as a future four-lane, divided freeway. The study process will link planning and environmental issues using the Federal Highway Administration’s Planning and Environmental Linkage (PEL) process.

Kansas City Streetcar

Kansas City Streetcar

Hg Consult has been a partner with Kansas City, MO on every completed streetcar study.  Hg’s role has ranged from planning, public engagement, ADA compliance, utility locates to preliminary and final design.  Studies the Hg Team has been involved with include:

• Streetcar Starter Line Alternatives Analysis and Final Design – Initial planning and design for original 2-mile starter streetcar line in downtown Kansas City.

• NextRail Feasibility Study – Assessment of numerous second-phase street car lines building on the original starter line currently under construction.  Identified top three corridors to carry forward into the ACE/NEPA phase.

• NorthRail Extension Feasibility Study – Conducted a feasibility study of expanding the existing starter streetcar line across the Missouri River and into North Kansas City.

• NextRail ACE – The next phase ACE/EA study is just getting underway to take the top three corridors from the earlier feasibility study to the next level of analysis.  Hg’s role will be in assisting with the environmental clearance determinations.